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There was a fire in Carlton Towers on Old Airport Rd in Bangalore. 9 people died and several injured. Blood is of utmost importance for a speedy recovery.

But in India, the hospitals require that the patient's relatives arrange for a replacement donor before any blood transfusion request is entertained (yes, thats true). If you can convince the authorities that you will get a replacement donor later, then they allow the blood transfusion to happen. Else, the clock keeps on ticking.

So, for the ppl injured in today's fire, there needed to be immediate blood donors available. Intelligently, there were lots of requests sent via twitter and responses were immediate. And within an hour, there were enough volunteer donors at all Bangalore Hospitals. Actually, more than enough, because soon enough, there were tweets sent to stop volunteers rushing to the blood banks.

Feels good to see technology used for a good cause for once. Instead of all MMS scandals, this is one instance of good usage of technology.

Reminds me of something similar by Shashi Tharoor. He met a kid who needed funds for education and instead of helping the kid himself, he just tweeted about it. In less than a day, there were more than enough funds for the kid to not only complete basic education, but even to do his post-graduation.

And the only tweets from Shashi Tharoor that received publicity were Cattle-class.

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