Logged in to www.timesofindia.com to check out the latest news and this is how the page looked.

1 - Something terrible happened 14 months ago and even today we have not done anything about it. There is 1 fellow caught, he denies everything he was caught doing and we are spending crores to protect him.

2 - A person with dubious history of financial dealings gets Padma Bhushan simply because he supposedly facilitated a very important deal between India and US, though he did nothing really.

3 - A political party surviving for existence is trying to squeeze one more drop out of an issue which has already been chewed to death. Apparently with an election due in 2 years.

4 - A celebrity craved for publicity does another act, just to stay in the limelight.

5 - Tips to get a gun.

6 - Finally, one achievement for India -- and immediately someone else has to comment on it.

7 - Another publicity hungry celeb gives a "byte"

8 - No comment on children and pornography. They just dont fit in the same world.

9 - One stupid player bites the ball and creates news. Its called "Bite-gate".

10 - A home minister can not guarantee safety of the countrymen promises security for Australian cricketers.

11 - Stray dogs reach black bucks before Salman-Saif can.

12 - One family likes its d-i-l and it makes news. Thats 2 times in the day for the same family. Target achieved for the day, lets think abt making news tomorrow.

What is there to look forward to read when you open the website? (Read it as -- what is there to read when you get the newspaper in the morning?)

Reminds me of a very good article I had read many many years back. How true can an article be, even 10-15 years after it is published!!! How I wish I could get a picture of that article?

Those were the days when Yasser Arafat was alive and Israel-Palestine were going at each other fiercely. Just one day ago, there were 2 suicide bombings in Jerusalem claiming the lives of at least 20 odd civilians. Try taking a guess that the day's newspaper headline.

The headline was about how an old couple had grown a beautiful garden in their backyard in spite of the terrible summer that year. It had elaborate pictures of all the rare flowers they had grown in spite of all the water problems. A smiling picture of the old couple sharing was at the top center of the page.

And no, that newspaper did not live in denial. The details of the blasts from the previous day, the names of the victims and other grim details were listed on page 2.

But that article at the forefront of the newspaper ensured that anyone who opens the newspaper starts to read it with a sweet smile. The smile will survive the scars of page 2 for sure. More importantly, the reader will enjoy reading the newspaper. Even after the newspaper is folded and kept aside, the happy news will keep on showing up and continue to soothe even the quickest of glances. And most importantly, the reader will look forward to reading the newspaper the next day... every day... 

How I wish I could get a picture of that article? Not only for my blog readers, but for the news reporters and newspaper editors of tomorrow.

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