The Loan...

There is this school going boy N and his elder sis M goes to the same school. M is elder than N by a couple of years or so, and is 2 classes ahead of him.

N is in 8th standard and M is in her 10th standard. She has to go to her coaching classes which is pretty far away (for a 15 year old to travel all alone), so her parents give her more pocket money than usual for a rainy day. N is wondering, what does M do with all her money?

N is now in 9th standard and M is in junior college (PUC). As a college kid, M gets more pocket money compared to N. M is a darling and always keeps on lending money to her kid bro N without ever asking it back. She even gets surprise gifts (pens / T-shirts) for N once in a while, and still manages to save some money. N always spends off all his cash and keeps wondering, what does M do with all her money?

N now goes to junior college (PUC) and M is now attending her graduation school in the University. Her pocket money is still more than N and she continues to be the darling money lender. Sometimes she gives money even without N asking for it. N's wallet is thicker miraculously to sponsor his Friendship day, Rose day and Annual day. M saves more and N spends more. N still wonders, what does M do with all her money?

N is now pursuing Engineering and M is working. She stops taking pocket money from her parents and instead, asks them to give all of it to N. N travels more than 70 km every day by train and hence is remunerated appropriately by his parents. Still, its not enough for him. M gives a good chunk of her salary to N and never mentions it to her parents. M is now saving more than ever and N is spending even more. And still he wonders, what does M do with all her money?

N now has a job and M is back in school, pursuing law. She manages her expenses very carefully with her pocket money and her savings. N does not make a lot but is very prompt on spending everything he earns within the first weekend. Every time he sees M with enough savings, he wonders what does M do with all her money?

N gets a very good job and earns more than he needs. Still, he does not save anything. He gets an opportunity to go abroad. M has just passed out of her law school and has purchased a T-shirt for N out of her first salary. At the airport, M gives him this T-shirt with her best wishes.

N learns a very valuable lesson. He saves everything he earned out of his onsite stint. His saving habit does not change even after he is back in India.

Within 1 year, M gets married. Anything and everything that M wanted in her wedding -- the wedding sari, the reception sharara, the mehendi lady, the make up lady, the food menu, the wedding hall, the decoration for the reception, the gifts to the guests -- was fulfilled. N exhausted all his savings till date for the wedding.

A couple of days after the wedding, when M met N, she said -- "N, I always wondered what does N do with all the money I give him? But today, you repaid everything back at the right time".

N replied "I just paid the interest back, the loan will stay with me forever".


Sneha said...

You saw how I reacted when I read the blog... Simply awesome!!

RS said...

Nikhil!I have goosebumps and tears as I read this. I dont have any more words to say...