Wifey has been obsessed with reality cookery shows and realty shows for some time now.

The former genre has chefs doing exactly what aspiring singers do in the umpteen singing talent hunt shows in India. Come from all corners of the country (or even abroad), give a taste (literally) of their skills and get eliminated 1-by-1 every episode until there is 1 winner who earns a minor bounty and slips into oblivion. These chefs make cookery as complicated as rocket science and the judges (barring a few really good ones) are no better than Anu Malik giving singing lessons to aspiring singers.

The second genre has home buyers checking out 3 prospective homes before finalizing the purchase of one of the three. This one is relatively less monotonous because, once in a while, the buyers shun all the 3 prospects and improve their chances of getting casted in another episode.

These shows are not that boring to watch once in a while, but for someone who has ABSOLUTELY no plans to get into real estate soon and for someone whom food is something that is good to the palate, these shows can be a real torture. Especially, while watching a good movie or a live game, it can be killing if the channels keep swapping every 2 minutes.

So, I finally gathered courage and asked. And for my 3 readers, this is a crash course in "How to crush a conversation in 2 easy steps for Dummies" --

Me -- Dont you get bored seeing the same shows every time you sit in front of the TV?
She -- Its like seeing your football / baseball / cricket games every time you put on the TV.
Me -- Yes, but thats different. Its a new game every time.
She -- Well, so is this.

If, anyone knows how to defend this case, I will nominate you for the best orator in this world.

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