Take a look at this video. A spectator catches a flyball at a Phillies game. This is equivalent to a spectator catching a sixer hit in cricket. The only difference is that in baseball, the spectator can keep the ball for self. Usually, these serve as a souvenior for life and one can make a decent amount of money by auctioning it on ebay and the likes.

The dad catches the flyball at a Phillies game. He has his few moments of fame. Then his daughter asks for the ball. Daddy gives it to the daughter and without a moment's haste, she tosses the ball back where hundreds of fans wait to collect the souvenior.

However sweet and funny this is, I am really surprised at the father's reaction. There is absolutely no frown on his face. Not even an ounce of sadness or anger. His smile never vanishes, even for a fraction of a second. Infact, as soon as the kid realizes that she has done something wrong, he immediately hugs her so sweetly.

This reminded me of all my mistakes I have done as a kid (and mind you, I have hundreds of them) and have missed the rod.

Thanks mom and dad!!! You are the best!!!