From the time this name started making the headlines (since 1992), this man never ceases to amaze me.

Even though his father was a bollywood producer, he chose to appear for IPS. Today, in an organization known only for corruption and encounter killings, he one of the most respected officers. His sincerity and his commitment makes him stand apart from the crowd. Especially, during the November Mumbai attacks, he was the one who held fort in the Mumbai Police Control Room and controlled and marshalled a war-like situation.

I was reading his interview (continued here and here) and then I had a chance to see this video. My admiration for him continued to grow and I started imagining how intense would he be at work.

Then I got to see this scene (start from abt 5.10). K.K. Menon plays Rakesh Maria in this movie and this scene where he just silences the terrorist is so hard-hitting. The red light in the background make the sequence very impactful.

Hats off to the director Anurag Kashyap, actor KK Menon and obviously, Rakesh Maria.

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