There is a popular saying "If your enemy is hell bent upon jumping off a cliff, do not bother to push him over the edge". Congress party is sticking to this piece of advice by keeping mum on the current show of self-destruction going on within the BJP.

Most of us are aware of the chronology of the events in this entire mess, but this is really a bunch of losers trying to find a scapegoat. After the loss in the recent parliamentary elections, they are enacting a headless chicken perfectly.

They needed an excuse to start the post-election massacre and Jaswant Singh's book gave them a much-needed trigger. I am not the best person to validate the authenticity of the excerpts from the book, but I, for sure, do not care whether it is true or not.

I thoroughly respect Sardar Patel. He is the reason why we see India as a nation and not a collection of Kashmirs. Nehru was the one who handled Kashmir - the only state not handled by Sardar Patel - and look what a mess it is. The sole reason why India is what it is today - an unified nation - is Sardar Patel. Infact, the very reason why India is a part of Kashmir today - the Instrument of Accession signed by Raja Hari Singh - is Sardar Patel. He arm twisted the king into signing it, else Kashmir would have been taken over by Pakistan in 1948.

But, if Jaswant Singh's book is true, I respect Sardar Patel even more. If he is the reason behind the partition, may he reign in heaven.

Who wants a unified India-Pakistan-Bangladesh. I can not even imagine a country bordering Afghanistan and Taliban neighbours. Terrorists from Pakistan and Bangladesh are already wrecking havoc in our country even when they are not allowed in our contry. Can you imagine what they would have done if they were legally a part of our soil.

Bomb-blasts every day in every city... No way to identify who is a terrorist or not, because everyone would be a citizen of "unified" India... Western nations threatening to bomb us to stone age... Proving to the world that we are not bad and the trouble makers are "non-state-elements"... Phew!!!

Thank You Sardar Patel for saving our country, one more time!!!

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