Last Friday, I took my project to completion. I was working on this project since November 2008. Thats 10 long months.

In the 10 months before November 2008, I executed 2 big and 5-6 small projects. But the latest project was the only one that I worked on in the last 10 months. Nothing else, absolutely nothing. Every single day, I was working only on this project. From 8 am to 9 pm, sometimes even later. Add to it, up to 4 hours per day every weekend. I was not a part of any other initiative, any other activity during these 10 months.

It took a toll on my health, personal agenda and family life. The India vacation not withstanding, I did not take even 1 day off during the entire 10 months.

As the project neared completion, the heat kept on increasing (duh!!!), tempers flared and verbal volleys ranged. For once, I was always in the clear and the only thing I received was praises and cheerios. But all other teams had a bad time.

Eventually, the project reached a logical conclusion and then arrived the calm after the storm. From last Friday, there has been a void in the schedule. It seems like there is no urgency for anything anymore. There is no one baying for your blood. Life is a routine 8.30 to 5 vanilla flavor.

Actually, one incident touched me, I had a print out of an important design document which was like my bible in the last 6 months. I carried it around with me like I carried my wallet or like my cell phone. I used to refer to it like I used to check my email. On Friday evening, after I finished my project, I cleaned up my desk and picked that document to be shredded. Putting that document through the shredder actually touched me.

Why does this happen? Why does someone miss the most hectic phase even when it takes a big toll on life? Why does someone miss the storm in the calm?

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