As they say, there is no sureshot recipe for success.

But if you are a writing a book on cricket, then there IS a sureshot recipe for success. Write a book and criticize star Indian players. The book WILL SELL thousands of copies. How many cricketers, especially Australians, have done that?

Gilchrist, Langer, Hayden, Steve Waugh. Now comes Mr. John Buchanan. He added a few "controversial" comments about Gavaskar, Ganguly, Tendulkar etc and boom!!! the book is a hit.
But, the funny part of it is, the timing of clarifications this time. The first thing anyoneheard anything about the book is the standard "My comments are taken out of context and misunderstood". After this news showed up, then everyone started reading the book and more statements came out. More controversies. More clarifications. More readers.

Success achieved!!!

I think I have had enough of coding. I should write a book on cricket now.

p.s -- Prem Panicker writes on his blog on exactly the same topic and here is how he mirrors my thoughts --

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