RS reminded me that I have been out of action for way long. So true!!!

The project that I have been working on since January has been killing me. So bad that I have not visited the gym since January. The only activity that I have indulged in is weekly cricket practice. Whenever I get a breather, I just feel like relaxing and reading something which, according to my dear wife, makes no value-add. I have not worked out, never had a jog, not done anything creative for a long time.

Cricket has been very bad this year for me as well. I played only 4 games this season in which I got to bat only twice and scored only 3 runs. In bowling, I bowled 10 overs only, gave whopping 90 runs in those 10 overs, got only 2 wickets and took only 3 catches. Dropped one catch which could have turned the game in our favor.

Have taken S only to 1 vacation, albeit a good one. Yes, we did spend one month in India, but when is a vacation to India long enough. We are planning a vacation in the later half of the year, when the project pressures die down.

But, its almost end of July, and 7 months of this year are already overs. Within a couple of months, mercury will take its annual dip and all the activities will die down gradually.

So, here is a resolution -- I will go daily for a run and try to go to the gym atleast twice a week. Take S for a nice vacation at the end of the year. Will make sure that my contributions to my cricket team make me proud. Will indulge in activities which will lead to some value add. And yes, will blog regularly from here on.

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