Noticed a funny thing... Monarchy was abolished at the time of independence but kingdoms continued to exist... Some of their descendants still use the title and now rule indirectly after standing for elections... This election also stars many royals trying their luck at the ballot casino... More often than not, the royals win handsomely proving that people are still obsessed with this medieval concept of royalty... Here is one more proof --

The IPL teams are named as --
Bangalore ROYAL challengers
Mohali KINGS Eleven
Rajasthan ROYALS

Their competitors, ICL, are not so far behind --
Lahore Badshahs
Dhaka Warriors

Was reading an article abt the ongoing feud between IPL and ICL where money muscle has made IPL a king and the ICL a pawn... Then read a funny line "Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box"... Ironic, but how apt...

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Sneha said...

Nicely written!!