Saw this movie FDFS (in our town) yesterday. The movie critic in me could not resist in writing a review. So here it goes.

Let me note the pros first --
1 - This movie is a remake of its Tamil namesake, so the story was well known. No surprises there. But still the storyline is a different from the routine ones.

2 - Asin plays the girl-next-door very well. She brings an instant smile. No nerves in her debut but with a nice filmography in the south, she is no newcomer either.

3 - Aamir displays the emotions, anguish and pain very well. At the same time, he portrays a corporate honcho and a sweet boyfriend so well. Especially, the switch between an MD and a average guy is handled very well by him.

4 - The romance between Asin and "Sachin" is handled very sensitively by the director. The part where he does not reveal his identity so that it does not influence her decision is superb.

4 - The director has managed the flow of story between the flashback and the present very well.

5 - The songs have been excellently picturized.

6 - Good comedy. Nice relief from the tension.

7 - Aamir the (ghost) director has shown his creativity and has dared to name the movie after the villain.

8 - And the happy ending makes the viewers leave the cinema halls on a happy note.

Now for the cons of the movie --

1 - Asin is charming in her debut but her persona does not create the impact that a Deepika Padukone did in her debut movie. This movie was ideally suited for her. Not sure how she can manage more demanding roles.

2 - Very graphic. But probably the storyline demands it.

3 - Support cast was a downer. Too many irrelevant characters. Jiah Khan can never play a medical student. A lot of characters could be done away with -- for e.g. the inspector.

4 - The villains were not up to the mark to say the least. A villain should be scary by their deeds and not by their appearance. The Rashid from Sarkaar was more scary by his stare than the villains here. Huge guys with crazy hairdo just are not scary.

5 - Common sense --
a - Total lack of CS and multiple instances of it. The villains go and kill anyone and everyone using guns. But in the climax, not even 1 of his guys have a gun.
b - Asin is in danger, but Aamir does not even think twice of calling the cops before rushing empty handed to her apartment.
c - The villain moves to his "fort" because he is safe there. But in the entire fight, less than 15 men confront Aamir. If he is a guy who can patronize a medical college, he better have more than 15 "troops" in his fort.
d - Guys way bigger than Ghazini are killed in one blow by Aamir. But, Ghazini can fight way longer than the rest combined.
6 - Too many and ill-timed songs. Probably, all but 1 (2 may be) could be done away with.

All said above, the movie has more good than bad. Especially, when you are not going anywhere in a 4-day long weekend. See it, unless u have better things to do.

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Mithun said...

Agree completely. I had not watched the tamil version so this worked good. I liked the switch between Sanjay and Sachin more than Sanjay the corporate guy and Sanjay the tough guy.
Asin's role did bring to the fore the subtle difference between a Hindi and a Tamil heroine.. didn't it?