Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Assam, Malegaon. All these places were bombed in the last few months. Note, this is just the list of the MAJOR blasts in the past few months. The minor crude bombs found before they went off is even bigger. In each of these blasts, the official number of dead and injured is way lesser than the actual number.

With every such instance, frustration and helplessness due to the inaction and lack of concern by the government builds up. The home minister does nothing than display the variety of his wardrobe. The Prime Minister conveys his condolences and declares monetary help to the victim's kin. No one knows if the help ever reaches the intended recipient. Opposition leaders ask for government's resignation and fresh elections. The cops release sketches of suspected individuals and the sketches usually match 1 of every 5 ppl i know. Soon, everything is forgotten till another blast occurs.

And in the midst of all this, I happen to see a new movie -- A WEDNESDAY. Primarily this movie has 2 characters -- the commissioner (Anupam Kher) and the protagonist (Naseeruddin Shah). There are other characters around the plot like a few cops and a few jailed terrorists, this movie is really a ball game between the commissioner and the protagonist.

I will not get into the details of the plot. The movie is too good (I mean it, really awesome movie) to mention the spoilers here, just go and see it.

But realistically speaking, it may not be really possible for a commoner to do what Naseer does in the movie. Atleast I am not so smart and intelligent to mastermind such a thing. But I agree with what he did, no second thoughts.

Shoot dead anybody who is remotely associated or suspected of association with these terrorists. So what if few hundred people are shot dead. India's population is fast threatening to reach 1.2 billion (or has it already). We can easily afford to lose a few hundred (or a few thousand) who threaten the peaceful and safe existence of remaining 1.199 billion.

If anyone ever hijacks a plane with 100 passengers and demands release of 3 terrorists, line up 200 terrorists from the prison in front of the TV camera (with the 3 demanded terrorists at the start of the line-up) and reply back to the hijackers "For every 1 passenger from the plane you kill, 2 terrorists from your outfit will be killed. The 3 demanded terrorists will be the first one to die". This might sounds very harsh, but do this once and I bet, they will never even think twice of hijacking another plane.

There is no smoke without fire. Eliminate anyone who threatens to disturb the peace of our country. Its our country and no one should tell us how to take care of it.

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