How many of you remember the amazing ads on the back on Amul butter packets?

I remember buying only 100 gm packets of Amul instead of 500 gm ones so that every week, a new packet comes home and I do not miss even 1 ad... We friends used to discuss these ads after our day's play and used to appreciate how funny those ads were... We were too young to understand the social relevance of those ads, but still it helped us see the lighter side of some serious issues present in our day-to-day lives...

Amongst all these ads, one thing which was common was the Amul baby... Something similar to RK Laxman's common man in the "You said it!!!" series in TOI, this cute chubby Amul baby was omnipresent in every ad... Here is the story behind the central character in this series...


And for all those fans of the funny Amul ads, here is a repository of all the hit ads published since 1976 (yes!!! thats right... 1976 onwards)... Enjoy these ads and relieve those days when the picture on the packet was more important than the contents!!!


Then hum the sweet tune of
Utterly Butterly Delicious... AMUL !!!

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Sneha said...

Utterly Butterly Delicious way to go back to the best days :)